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About Us

Bin Hashims Group is a leading wholesaler and distributor of a wide range of products in the US. With national reach, including North Tawton to Glasgow warehouses throughout England & Scotland-we service our partners’ retail business every day with over 10k units on hand at any given time for fast delivery! Whether you need something small or large. The team here has got your back (and front).

Our dedication to excellence sets us apart as well: we offer unparalleled customer support along fulfill all requirements no matter how big they might be.

Unleash the Brands…

When you need a product from one country but have an international customer base, our Express Pick service can get the item for them at competitive rates.

We carry leading and innovative products from around Europe giving us unparalleled choice so that your customers are well-satisfied with their purchase while also being able to find what they want in under 60 minutes! Our next-day delivery option is another unique feature of ours – it takes just two clicks on this website before any order leaves our warehouse doors or notifying us if there may be something wrong during shipping process which ensures efficiency throughout entire transaction cycle.

Your Partner

We at Bin Hashims Supplies 40+ years of industry excellence to ensure that all your wide range of product needs are met. We work with a dedicated team and offer national promotions alongside exclusive offers so you can find what’s best for yourself!

With Wholesale only, we provide solutions tailored just right – whether new releases or discontinued lines from other companies due to changes within their business strategies. Our goal: To keep up strong relationships by providing quality customer service while staying on top trends setters’ mindsets

National Warehousing & Logistics

We’re the US’s leading logistics company with a network that covers all of England, Scotland, and Wales. Our experience in distribution makes us your go-to for market leadership – no matter where you are located!

We understand that you want your business to succeed and we’re here for all of the above. Whether it’s a large or small order, one time delivery needs in London US; long-term storage solutions across Europe; cross docking rights with other major carriers – our team has got everything covered!

Specialist Divisions

We are here to help you with your unique needs! Our Trade Specialists can deliver targeted sales, support, and marketing initiatives that will make a difference for customers across the country.

As an industry leader in retail solutions, we offer bespoke advice when it comes down getting supplies or ensuring they get where they need go quickly – no matter if its nationwide coverage at large quantities through our E-Solutions division or just locally on larger projects like warehouse management (which is what this specialist does best).

Meet our Teams

At our company, we’ve got you covered. No matter what your needs are or how big they get – from Field Sales customer relationship managers who can provide market insight and product knowledge to Office Support staff dedicated entirely toward helping customers meet their day-to-day goals; there’s a team for everything at this office!

Contact: +44 175 342 8058

Email: sale@binhashimsllc.com

Careers @ Click N Cart

We’re always on the lookout for people that excel to join our growing team of VIPs (Vitally Important People).

If you’re looking for your next challenge, contact our HR team for opportunities in your area;

Email: sales@binhashimsllc.com

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